March 21, 2018




Dear Investor,


I'd like to thank you for your interest in Doublebridge Capital, LLC.

This firm was created to pursue a goal of providing better living for renters, while also allowing investors to gain access to quality multifamily assets with great returns.  This doesn't have to be a zero-sum game.

In major urban cities with a strong employment base, the cost of living has increased to near all-time highs.  Cost of housing has also increased, and while many have the income to support the higher rents, many others are just trying to catch up.  The dynamics of higher incomes, strong labor markets, and easy mobility has created a culture where young professionals' preference has shifted towards renting instead of owning.

High income earners have a variety of options for housing at buildings with ample upscale amenities, while many others are still living in older buildings with no sense of community.  Our goal is to change that, one building at a time.

Our goal is to provide these renters with great housing, while protecting and growing our investors' capital.  To be clear, we are a for-profit real estate investment company and therefore always looking for ways to provide our investors with superior returns. However, we can do this by enhancing the living environment of our tenants, and not at their expense. We work for both our tenants, and our investors.  Because without either side, this firm could not exist.

It's a privilege to work with our investors, and to serve our tenants.  We do not, and will not take any of it for granted.  We will be transparent, honest, and respectful to both sides so that we can grow this firm in a dignified manner.



Alda Mostofi, CFA